King Saha, Bigsky Sojah

King Saha Gifts Longtime Colleague Big Sky Sojah With a New Car

Kingslove Entertainment boss Mansur Ssemanda alias King Saha earlier today rewarded his longtime colleague Big Sky Sojah with a brand new ride.

The car awarding ceremony happened at King Saha’s home in Nakawuka before members of the press and a few close friends.

According to King Saha, he has given Sky Sojah a new car to ease his movements as he has been finding it hard to execute his duties during the rainy season and also for being one of his longest-standing loyal friends, who has stood by him for over two decades now.

In addition, Saha mentioned that the current gift is for Sky Sojah to master how to drive while he waits to be given a bigger car.

Saha also advised Sky to drive safely and to stay in his lane while beginning a new phase of life that involves vehicle cruising.

King Saha, Bigsky Sojah

Upon being handed the car keys and fuel worth Ugx 50K, Sky Sojah expressed gratitude to King Saha, for the kind gesture of elevating his lifestyle with a new ride.

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Sky Sojah is not only a colleague of King Saha, but also a musician, who subscribes to Kingslove Entertainment with “Tweyanziza” being one of the songs associated with his brand.


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