Konshens Address Concerns Of Not Giving Financial Condolences to The Late Mowzey Radio’s Family

Jamaican dancehall sensation Konshens has come forward to defend himself in response to the criticism he received for not providing financial condolences to the late Mowzey Radio’s mother.

Upon arriving in the country for his performance at the Blankets and Wine event, Konshens took the time to visit the burial grounds of the late Mowzey Radio in Kagga-Nakawuka in Wakiso District, to pay his respects and offer condolences to the family.

However, netizens were quick to criticize Konshens for visiting the late singer’s mother without bringing any monetary contribution as a gesture of condolences.

Additionally, he was also criticized for not inviting Radio’s partner, Weasel, to be a part of this moment.

During a press conference held earlier today, Konshens addressed these concerns. He explained that he was unaware of the Ugandan tradition of giving money to the deceased’s family, as it is not a custom in his own culture.


Garfield Delano Spence alias Konshens emphasized that his visit to Radio’s family was driven by love and genuine concern.

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He sincerely apologized for not extending an invitation to Weasel and acknowledged that he may not have followed the expected protocol in handling the situation.


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