La Venti customers complain of lack of enough parking space 

Partiers who happen at La Venti Lounge, one of the most classic bars in Kira Municipality have complained to the management over parking space at the venue.

People who go to La Venti are of high class and find it difficult to park across and cross the dangerous Najjera-Kira Road.
Although the bars aren’t open due to COVID-19 restrictions, the restaurant and hotel sections are open with SOPs in place.
The limited parking space is limiting the corporates who do not want to leave their cars across and in an unsecure environment.
It is also high risk for a person who is drunk to cross the road because they may be easily knocked by other users who are always rushing at a break neck speed.
And another thing is that most people when they find parking full, they relocate to the neighboring bars in the area.
La Venti is among the top four bars in Kampala Metropolitan.


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