Hilarity For Charity

Laughing Tribe Launches Hilarity For Charity

Renowned comedian and cancer advocate Bill Flicks has earlier today launched a charity comedy event for cancer patients dubbed “Hilarity For Charity”

In 2022, Bill Flicks’s mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer which saw her bedridden for a while. Using his mother’s experience, and his comedy talent, Bill teamed up with several people with the same goal, creating the “Laughing Tribe” in an effort to make a positive impact on cancer patients.

Laughing Tribe is a humanitarian platform that not only creates awareness about cancer but also amass support from all possible stakeholders to be able to give back to people affected by cancer in Uganda.

The group intends to orchestrate the “Hilarity For Charity” event, aimed at raising funds that will help cancer patients at Patient Relief Mission a home for cancer patients. 

Patient Relief Mission is building a permanent shelter for cancer patients. The project has so far engulfed Ugx 127,154,000, but a total of Ugx 264,284,000 is still needed.

Hilarity For Charity

Additionally, Patient Relief Mission has housed over 41,000 cancer patients over the years but they have put it on hold to finish building the home.

According to their plan, at least 40 cancer patients and their caregivers will be accommodated under the close supervision of 2 nurses that will manage the adverse effects of the potent treatment.

Feeding, emotional support, and transportation to and from the hospital are among the expected free services. An MOU has been signed between Patient Relief Mission and Kawolo Hospital, which will handle emergency situations.

Ahead of the Charity event, earlier today “Laughing Tribe” held a press conference at City Royal Resort Hotel where they launched the impending charity event. 

Through the forthcoming Hilarity For Charity event, they hope to raise funds to complete the project.

Here, Bill explained that they intended to use the “Hilarity for Charity” event to make cancer patients grin because they rarely laugh while being treated in hospitals.


Hilarity For Charity

Bill adds that this year’s Hilarity For Charity is the event’s debut edition, albeit looking forward to holding it on an annual basis.

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The event is anticipated to be held on the 3rd of November 2023, at City Royal Resort Hotel Tickets will be going for 100k and a table of 5 reserved for 5 million Ugandan shillings.


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