Lawrence Kalyango: Thrilled to Coach Boxing Sensation Atta Soja

Renowned boxing coach Lawrence Kalyango has expressed his excitement and enthusiasm about coaching Akhiru Golooba, popularly known as Atta Soja, the rising star of Ugandan boxing.

Lawrence, who has a reputation for nurturing talent and guiding boxers to success, is eager to work with Atta Soja, saying, “I see tremendous potential in this young athlete. His dedication, passion, and natural ability make him an ideal student.”

Lawrence is impressed by Atta Soja’s quick footwork, powerful punches, and strategic fighting style, which he believes will make him a force to be reckoned with in the boxing world. “Atta Soja has the heart of a champion, and I’m excited to help him refine his skills and reach his full potential,” Lawrence said.

Atta Soja, who has already made a name for himself in local and national boxing circuits, is equally thrilled to be working with Lawrence, saying, “I’m honored to have Coach Lawrence in my corner. His expertise and guidance will undoubtedly take my boxing career to the next level.”


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