Lubega Roger, Spice Diana

Leaked Audio Depicts Spice Diana and Manager Roger Engulfed in Love | AUDIO

Source Management stakeholders Spice Diana and Manager Roger are engulfed in a love mood based on the leaked audio recording.

The audio in circulation was originally shared by Galaxy FM before it circulated all over several socializing applications.

In the audio, Roger can be heard venting his frustration with Spice Diana not being near him, before labelling her “his Panadol”

Roger further makes it known that he is bored, and goes on to ask Spice not to take too long to return from where she had gone.

In response, Spice Diana assures Roger that she is on her way back and tells him not to worry. “I’m coming, my baby. Don’t worry, I’m here.”

Lubega Roger, Spice Diana

Despite denying having a romantic relationship throughout the years, the viral recording takes netizens close to confirming the claims.

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By the time of the publication, the source of the audio was still a mystery, but we are certain he is yet to be established and we will keep you posted.


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