Leumas Owabajaja, Nabakyala Tushi

Leumas Owabajaja Joins Efforts With Nabakyala Tushi on New Track ‘Nice And Slow’ | AUDIO

Leumas Owabajaja and Nabakyala Tushi, both hailing from Uganda, are two exceptionally gifted recording and performing singers who have joined forces to create a truly mesmerizing love musical project.

Their collaboration has given birth to a captivating masterpiece dubbed  “Nice and Slow,” a remarkable Afro neo-soul composition that stands out among the works of Ugandan artists.

What sets “Nice and Slow” apart is the seamless combination of Leumas Owabajaja and Nabakyala Tushi’s talents, resulting in an exquisite and effortless blend.

Their voices intertwine in perfect harmony, creating an enchanting melody that resonates deeply with listeners.

Leumas Owabajaja, Nabakyala Tushi

This song serves as a marvellous tribute to all those who are in love, regardless of whether their romance is new or long-lasting.

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“Nice and Slow” is not only a beautiful composition but also a perfect dedication for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or weddings.


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