Mac Elvis, Levixone

Levixone Tearfully Reveals His Battle With Depression After Losing His Friend Mac Elvis in 2013

Gospel singer Levixone was overcome with emotion as he recounted the period of depression he experienced following the tragic death of his mentor, Mac Elvis.

Levixone revealed that following Mac Elvis, born Mutalya Mark Elvis’ passing on in 2013, he contemplated giving up his gospel music career.

He shared that the profound impact of Mac Elvis’ death led him into a state of depression, and he found himself desperately praying to God for the impossible – to bring back his lost friend.

Levixone acknowledged that during their time together, they had served God faithfully, even in the face of adversity, when they had very little and were often hindered in their service. He confessed that he had hoped God would reward him by restoring his dear friend.

Despite the immense grief and despair he experienced, Levixone eventually found the strength to overcome his depression.


He now continues to spread God’s message through his gospel music, using his talent to manifest the word of God.

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It is important to remember that Mac Elvis tragically passed away in 2013, having drowned in a swimming pool while on a trip to Dar es Salaam.


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