GOSSIPLil Pazo Breaks Down in Tears As He Narrates How Ssuuna Ben...

Lil Pazo Breaks Down in Tears As He Narrates How Ssuuna Ben Sidelined Him

Singer Lil Pazo real name Yasin Mukasa of the “Genda Ogule Emotoka” fame has teared up while narrating how a colleague Ssuuna Ben sidelined him after gaining stardom.

In an interview, Lil Pazo revealed that Ssuuna Ben of the “Binyanya” fame is one of the people he helped during his prime time.

However, when Ssuuna Ben acquired notoriety through his “Binyanya” deejaying skills, he never returned the favour and sidelined him.

Lil Pazo noted that he is not ready to speak about what happened between him and Ssuuna Ben, as critics will claim that he is jealous of his success.

He noted that he is ready to address what transpired when they turn old and frail, perhaps 20 years from now, or on his deathbed, as they would have nothing left to lose.

Lil Pazo, Ssuuna Ben

In a similar vein, Lil Pazo revealed that despite all the individuals he has helped along the way in his musical career, they don’t think of him when they succeed in life.

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Lil Pazo broke down in tears as he explained how individuals can intentionally let you down in life during the interview.


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