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Lilian Mbabazi Kicked Out of the House Despite Paying Ugx 10M Of the 26M Demanded

Singer Lilian Mbabazi is currently homeless after being evicted from her Konge-based rental after failing to comply with the payment terms.

In the course of this week, we reported how Lilian Mbabazi was on the verge of being evicted after failing to pay rent for over 17 months.

Lilian’s landlord, Mr. Sitran Deshpande, revealed that the singer rented the house since 21 February 2018 at each month Ugx 1.5M.

However, since April 2022, Lilian Mbabazi hasn’t been adhering to the tenancy agreement, by not paying her rent on time.

After failing to solve the matters hassle-free, the landlord involved authorities, and a Police case was filed at Konge Police Station.

Lilian Mbabazi

Earlier today, Lilian engaged the authorities to solve the matter and she paid Ugx 10M upfront of the 26M that was being demanded.

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The former Blue3 singer was hence allowed to vacate her property and she promised to pay the remaining balance in the shortest time possible.

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