Lilian Mbabazi, Mowzey Radio

Lilian Mbabazi Opens Up on Why She Parted Ways With the Late Mowzey Radio

Songbird Lilian Mbabazi has openly discussed the reasons behind her partying ways with her late baby daddy Mowzey Radio.

Before Mowzey Radio’s untimely passing, he and Lilian Mbabazi were romantically involved and had two children together Asante and Izuba.

However, their relationship reached a breaking point during a difficult period, as revealed by Lilian Mbabazi during the Tusker Conversations.

During that time, Lilian decided to end the relationship for the sake of their children. She wanted her kids to remember their father in a positive light, rather than the negative experiences she witnessed when they were still together.

Lilian emphasizes that her choice to separate was made to protect Mowzey Radio, their children, and their love for him and it was a challenging decision for all involved.

Mowzey Radio

She clarifies that Radio himself did nothing wrong. Instead, it was the negative energy from certain individuals around him and certain circumstances that she felt were not suitable for their children hence it was her responsibility to decide to safeguard them.

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Lilian asserts that she has no regrets about her decision to leave, as she believes that everything in life is guided by a higher power.


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