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List of Female DJs In Uganda Who Have Revolutioalised the Male-Dominated Industry

The deejaying profession in Uganda has traditionally been male-dominated, with very few women venturing into the field.

However, in recent years, a group of exceptionally talented female DJs has emerged, revolutionizing the industry and challenging the status quo.

These women are not only breaking barriers but are also widely regarded as the most stunning DJs in the country. They have also mastered the art of deejaying and brought a fresh perspective to the industry.

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Their performances are not only entertaining but also visually stunning, with their fashion sense and stage presence leaving audiences in awe.

The notable female DJs in Uganda include DJ Lola, DJ Zato, Lynda Ddane, Etania, DJ Kii, DJ Vee, DJ Pofia, DJ Alisha, DJ Sheila Ats, DJ Mary Jo, and DJ Kathy, among others.

These women have not only broken barriers in the industry but have also inspired a new generation of female DJs who are now following in their footsteps.


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