Winnie Nwagi, Lord Sanie

Lord Sanie Refutes Dating Winnie Nwagi

Moshent International singer Lord Sanie dismisses rumours of being in a romantic relationship with Winnie Nwagi.

For a while, there have been ongoing rumours on social media suggesting that Swangz Avenue signee Winnie Nwagi and budding singer Lord Sannie are dating.

These rumours stemmed from Winnie Nwagi’s frequent appearances on Lord Sannie on her Snapchat, as well as their outings together at various hangout spots.

However, while appearing in an interview recently, Lord Sanie denied these allegations and clarified that Winnie is simply a close friend to him, with no romantic involvement.

Lord Sanie also refuted claims that he is associating with Winnie Nwagi to gain fame and further his music career.

In addition to dismissing the dating rumours, Lord Sanie took the opportunity to update the press on his upcoming music projects.

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He revealed that he currently has two music projects running, which he believes were well-received by music enthusiasts.


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