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“Loving You Is What I Know Best” – Momo19 Assures Daxx Kartel

A few months after rekindling their marriage that had gone south, singer Daxx Kartel and his wife Maureen Naluwooza alias Momo19 are inseparable.

It should be recalled that the two love birds fell out a few months after legalizing their relationship, which saw Momo 19 trace the exit from Daxx Kartel’s marriage.

However, the couple managed to overpower the outside pressure that was pulling them apart and reunited earlier this year.


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Ever since the two made peace, the affection for each other portrayed on social media has left netizens in admiration.

On Wednesday, Ssebunya Sulaiman, popularly known as Daxx Kartel took to Instagram and thanked his wife Momo 19 for awakening the inner man in him.

The self-branded Omuyeeruba star further prayed to God to bless his wife, before reminding her how much he loves her.

Allah amduliallah, Momo19 hunie thanx for awakening the altar inner man in me may Allah bless u abundantly I love you bingi mummyshukie
Daxx Kartel

Momo 19

Upon his wife crossing paths with the post, she was so quick to remind him that the only subject she mastered is “LOVE”

The former BBS presenter further thanked the husband for loving her unconditionally and asked God to keep him for her.

Webale kusiima Mukwano and thnx for loving me the way I am nsaba Allah akunkumire munnange wange nkwagala ebisooka nebisembayo mpoozi nekirala Subject Nassoma emu “LOVE “ ebirala Ssabisoma.


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