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Lydia Jazmine Jumps Out of Hibernation With “Gwokya Nga Omuliro” | AUDIO

Singer Lydia Jazmine has jumped out of hibernation releasing a brand new single dubbed “Gwokya Nga Omuliro”.

Singer Lydia Jazmine has resumed her best-loved pursuit, singing, after almost nine months away.

After releasing Omutima on May 27, 2022, Lydia Jazmine took a musical hiatus for reasons she can only guess at.

Her appearances in the public domain have been scanty, leaving her fans perplexed, and questioning what had happened to the singer’s career.

Before the queries could be addressed, Jazmine purportedly erased all of her Instagram content, raising speculations that she was preparing to pursue a different line of work.

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However, a few days back, she put a stop to all the speculations, when she formally announced her musical comeback with a brand-new song.

It’s exactly 9 months since I outed a song (omutima) And that’s a story for another day! I missed you allll!
Well, I’m BACK like I never left! Bigger & Better and On Another League.

She has earlier today lived up to her promise, and taken to all music platforms, releasing a brand song dubbed “Gwokya Nga Omuliro”.

In her pristine music project, Jazmine heaps praise on her enigmatic partner, saying that his love is like a raging fire.

Listen to the audio below.



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