Lydia Jazmine

Lydia Jazmine Recounts Two Harrowing Incidents When Thieves Broke Into Her House in 2023

Singer Lydia Jazmine reflects on the challenging year of 2023, as she recounts the unfortunate incidents of thieves breaking into her house not once, but twice.

Jazmine expressed her dismay, highlighting that these incidents were orchestrated by someone she believes harbours ill intentions towards her achievements.

In order to ensure her personal safety, Jazmine made the difficult decision to relocate from her Munyonyo residence.

Furthermore, she revealed that the distress caused by the theft was compounded by the betrayal she experienced from both friends and family, leading her to break down in tears on multiple occasions.

Lydia Jazmine

Despite the emotional toll these incidents took on her, Jazmine remained resilient and determined to overcome the challenges thrown her way.

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Lydia Jazmine is not the first public figure to experience the unfortunate occurrence of theft at her residence, as recently Zari Hassan was also targeted by thieves who made off with her valuable property and security guard injured.


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