Lydia Jazmine

Lydia Jazmine Reveals Why She Is Not Interested in Dating For Now

Singer Nabawanuka Lydia alias Lydia Jazmine has revealed why she isn’t interested in being in romantic relationships for now.

While taking part in an interview with Galaxy TV recently, Lydia Jazmine was questioned if she was in love with someone.

In her response, Lydia Jazmine revealed that she believes in love and she has been in love for the past period of time.

She based her decision on the fact that she needed to concentrate on her music career, owing she had recently returned from a musical hiatus.

Lydia Jazmine

After the breakup with her ex, Lydia Jazmine claimed she went five to six months without dating and would love to keep it that way going forward.

I love to be in love and I’ve been in love but at this point right now with everything I’ve been doing for myself as you see I am trying to get back and everything do my music, concentrate, I’ve given it a break.

The break found me not dating anyone for about five or six months.

Despite withholding the full identity of her ex-boyfriend, Lydia Jazmine hinted that his name starts with the letter K.

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