Maama Fiina

Maama Fiina Recommends Sharing Intimate Videos Among Lovers, Cautions On Potential Risks

Maama Fiina, a well-known local traditional healer, has recommended that couples consider sharing intimate photos and videos with each other, before warning about the possible repercussions.

The issue of leaked nude photos has sparked discussions in Uganda, with some people criticizing the idea while others support it.

According to Maama Fiina, she sees no problem in sending a video to her partner where needed.

However, She advises couples to have open and honest conversations about their boundaries and expectations before sharing any intimate content.

Maama Fiina also stresses the importance of trust and respect in a relationship, as well as the need for both partners to be on the same page when it comes to sharing such personal material.

Lanek, Joseph Ngoma, Maama Fiina

She warns that once a video or photo is sent, it is out of the sender’s control and can potentially be shared with others without their consent.

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Ultimately, Maama Fiina encourages couples to think carefully before sharing intimate content and to prioritize their own safety and well-being above all else.


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