Madrat and Chiko

Madrat and Chiko reportedly arraigned before court over failure to settle Ugx 50M debt

The comedy duo of Madrat and Chiko was reportedly arraigned before the Mengo court over failure to settle a debt amounting to Ugx 50M according to media personality Jenkins Mukasa.

According to Jenkins Mukasa during a YouTube interview, the duo borrowed money worth Ugx 50M to invest in one of their shows recently.

However, ever since, the pair failed to honor the payment agreement, which compelled the lender to seek legal action.

Madrat and Chiko while at the court pleaded for a revised agreement and asked for an extended period of time to get the remaining balance to settle the debt.

Madrat and Chiko

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The lender was compliant, as she approved their request, and they are currently working tirelessly to gather the money to settle the loan.


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