Malaika Tenshi

Malaika Tenshi announces departure from Capital FM after her 5-year tenure

Malaika Tenshi Nnyanzi, a well-known actress, media personality, model, and fashionista, has announced her departure from Capital FM after a successful five-year tenure.

In 2019, Malaika joined Capital FM and began hosting the popular show “Malaika and Oulanya.”

After five years of dedicated service, Malaika has decided to step down from her role at the Kisementi-based station.

Malaika’s success at Capital FM was undeniable. Her show, “Malaika and Oulanya,” became a hit, attracting a large and dedicated following.

Listeners tuned in daily to hear her infectious laughter and entertaining banter with her co-host. Her ability to connect with her audience and create a warm and inviting atmosphere made her show a must-listen for many.

Malaika Tenshi

Despite her immense popularity, Malaika Tenshi made the difficult decision to leave Capital FM. While the reasons behind her departure remain undisclosed, fans eagerly await her next move.

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Speculation about her plans runs rampant, with many hoping to see her on the big platform once again.


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