Mama Phina

Mama Phina Unites Maulana Kasozi And Wife

A few days back, Maulana Kasozi of Maulana and Reign comedy duo fell out with his fiance Nalujja Shubira Betty.

The mother of three accused her husband of domestic violence and infidelity, which saw her seek legal action from the police who advised her to leave with her kids.

However, her plans to flee with her kids were obstructed by Maulana, who locked the house and disappeared with the keys.


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She camped at her parent’s home, compelling her father to intervene in the matter. Addressing the media, Maulana’s father-in-law revealed that this is the fourth time the comedian is mistreating his daughter and is tired of his immoral actions.

He gave his son-in-law an ultimatum of one week to meet and solve their grievances, failure he was risking never to see his wife and the kids again.

According to a video shared by Bukedde TV, Maulana and his wife met mama Phina at her home in Matugga, and the couple’s matters were solved hustle free.


When Maulana was asked why he locked his wife outside, he divulged that he never wanted his wife to leave, so locking her property in the house was the only way to sabotage her plans.

By the time the pair left Mama Phina’s residence, they were laughing and happy again as husband and wife.

Watch the video below for more details.


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