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Maro Uganda Exposes Rwandan Dance Group Ava Dance Team For Scamming His Hard Earned Money

Singer Maro, born Ronald Magada, has publicly voiced his disappointment and anger towards a dance group based in Rwanda that scammed his hard-earned money.

According to Maro, he had approached the dance group called Ava Dance Team, to provide their services for his music project.

However, after receiving the payment, the Rwanda-based dance group failed to fulfil their end of the agreement.

To Maro’s dismay, he discovered that he was not the only victim of this group’s scam. Another artist, J Wats, had also fallen prey to their deceitful tactics.

Maro Uganda

In order to protect his fellow musicians from falling into the same trap, Maro took to his Twitter/X handle to issue a warning about this untrustworthy dance group.

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By press time, the Ava Dance Team had not yet responded to the allegations; however, it is our sincere hope that they take the necessary steps to address the clims.


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