Martha Kay

Martha Kay Painfully Cuts Off Her Hair She Accumulated for 14 Years. Reveals Why

Socialite, radio personality, photographer and actress Martha Kay real name Martha Kemigisha Kagimba dropped a tear while getting rid of her long hair.

A while back, Martha Kay took to her personal Facebook account and shared photos of her AI-generated short hairdo, revealing how she contemplated going bald.

Earlier today, Martha Kay gave an update about her final decision, revealing that she had to get rid of her hair as part of her healing process.

It should be remembered that since last year, Martha Kay has been to and fro different medical facilities as she battled a condition linked to mental illness.

Captioning a video while cutting her hair, Martha Kay disclosed that ever since she was diagnosed with her ailment, she has always wanted to get rid of her hair but she was afraid of how she’d look like.

Martha Kay
Martha Kay’s AI-Generated Short Hair Photo

Last week, however, Martha Kay made a bold step, as she grabbed a pair of scissors and cut her hair which she has been accumulating for over 14 years.

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Upon cutting her dreadlocks, Martha noted how she felt free and rejuvenated before imploring her followers to do whatever they need to truly heal from the pain they are going through.

They say your hair carries Trauma over the years and so if ever you feel like chopping your hair off during healing, do it!
Your body needs it. Your mind deserves it. I’ve wanted to cut my hair since I fell sick but I’ve just been so afraid of what I’d look like. Last week, I finally got the courage so I grabbed those scissors and went for it.

I feel so free. So alive. So light. It is the beginning of a new era!
This is your sign to do whatever it is you need to truly heal from that pain.
#TheBigChop #Haircut

Shout out to Rony Kampala for styling me for all these years I’ll miss you! Support him guys


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