Martha Mukisa, Kapa Cat

Martha Mukisa Assures Kapa Cat That Her ‘Sisaaga’ Concert Will Sell Out

Black Magic singer Martha Mukisa is confident that her impending ‘Sisaaga’ concert will sell out despite the criticism surrounding it.

Earlier this week, Kapa Cat came public and raised a concern about Martha Mukisa rushing into holding a concert.

Kapa emphasized that Martha Mukisa has not amassed a big fan base that would fill Freedom City at the price she demanded.

However, while taking part in an interview recently, Martha Mukisa maintained that she’s unfazed by fellow singer Kapa Cat’s rants.

Martha noted that Kapa’s outbursts are the result of intimidation, a common problem with women being afraid to take challenges.

Martha Mukisa

What I have to tell her is that she shouldn’t be intimidated, our concert will come out as planned and I am representing because when Kapa has a show next I will come in full zone because I would have shown her that we can do it.

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The Ssango singer insisted that she is preparing for her show and has over 22 songs in her music catalogue that are enough to sustain her concert.


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