Maureen Nantume, Catherine Kusasira, Mesach Semakula

Maureen Nantume Cheekily Dares Catherine Kusasira and Mesach Semakula to a Music Battle

Singer Maureen Nantume has dared former bandmates Catherine Kusasira and Mesach Semakula to a music battle.

As Cindy Sanyu and Sheebah Karungi gear up for their long-awaited music battle on (15 September) at Kololo Independence grounds, it looks like we have another music battle brewing.

Earlier today as Maureen Nantume graced her daughter Whitney’s graduation, she addressed the press and several topics were discussed.

Regarding the upcoming Cindy vs. Sheebah music battle, Maureen Nantume stressed that she wouldn’t support or perform for either of the two musicians because their respective music genres are completely different from hers.

She however maintained that they are both making money despite seemingly going personal during their just-concluded debate.

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When asked about the musicians she feels she would take on in a music battle, Maureen Nantume sarcastically responded that she would outperform Catherine Kusasira and Mesach Semakula.

Maureen insisted that she didn’t mean to belittle Mesach or Catherine Kusasira and made it clear that she holds the utmost regard for both of them.


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