Maureen Nantume

Maureen Nantume Rewards 2 Fans Ugx 500K Each For Exceptional “Wojja Ekigere” Video Challenges

Renowned singer Maureen Nantume has graciously rewarded two fans for their exceptional video challenges in response to her latest song “Wojja Ekigere

After releasing her new song a few weeks ago, Nantume promised to give prizes to fans who created outstanding music challenges on the popular video-sharing platform TikTok.

Numerous TikTok users participated in the challenge, showcasing impressive dance moves, lip-syncing, and choreography.

Yesterday, the singer announced the winners, a young man and a woman, who each received a cash prize of Ugx 500K as promised.

Maureen Nantume, Merry Christmas

In addition to the cash prize, Maureen Nantume also personally reached out to the winners to express her gratitude and admiration. She thanked them for their support and encouraged them to continue pursuing their passions.

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The fans expressed their gratitude to Maureen Nantume for her generosity and encouraged other musicians to also give back to their fans.


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