Mayanja Family And Close Friends Team Up To Pray And Comfort Pallaso After A Successful Knee Surgery

The Mayanja family on Wednesday teamed up with close friends to pray and comfort Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso after undergoing successful knee surgery.

During the Easter celebrations, Pallaso injured his knee while performing at La Grand Hotel which saw him perform the rest of his shows seated in a wheelchair.

According to a medical report shared by the singer recently, it indicated Pallaso was to undergo an ACL and Meniscus reconstruction surgery which was to cost a bomb.


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On Wednesday morning, the singer underwent a successful ACL and Meniscus reconstruction procedure at Pulse Specialist Clinic.

Upon successfully getting out of the theatre, Pallaso shared the news with his fans, stating that it won’t take him long to get back on his two legs according to the doctors.

Thank you God and Thank you for all your prayers. I have undergone ACL and Meniscus reconstruction surgery on my knee this morning and so far it has been successful. Doctors say it won’t take long till I’m back on my Two legs and giving action.



The rest of the day, the self-proclaimed king of the east spent it on his sickbed under the supervision of Weasel, Jose Chameleon, his mum, and close friends.

They prayed together and comforted him to get through this tough situation sooner rather than later.

Pallaso’s mum Prossy Mayanja poured cold water on speculations that her son’s situation is one of those stunts celebrities craft to win public attention.

We send him prayers to get better soon.


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