MC Kacheche

MC Kacheche Treats Self To a New Vehicle

MC Kacheche, a well-known events host and radio personality from Mbarara, has treated himself to a new vehicle.

The vehicle that now belongs to MC Kacheche is a Corolla Rumion with the registration number UBQ 551Q.

It is not surprising that Kacheche purchased a car, especially after the recent successful concert he organized in Mbarara.

The Corolla Rumion is known for its sleek design, comfortable interior, and reliable performance, making it a perfect choice for someone like Kacheche who is always on the go and needs a reliable mode of transportation for his various hosting gigs and radio appearances.

MC Kacheche

Kacheche’s new car has already been turning heads in Mbarara, with many fans and followers congratulating him on his latest acquisition.

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With his new wheels, Kacheche is sure to continue making waves in the entertainment industry and cementing his status as one of the top hosts in the region.


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