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Mc Kapale Finds Love in the UK, Puts a Ring On It | VIDEO

Renowned comedian Simon Kawuki alias Mc Kapale proposed to his newfound Zungu lover in the UK.

MC Kapale is one of the celebrated comedians who laid a strong foundation for the Ugandan comedy industry.

However, Kapale lost his grip on the comedy business, before fleeing the country to the UK for greener pastures.

Based on the most recent development, Kapale’s new life in the UK is going according to his schedule, and he has set out to start a family there.

Kapale conveyed his determination to start a fresh love story in the UK, by popping the question to his Zungu lover.

The comedian asked for his lover’s hand in marriage at a gathering. Upon Kapale’s lover accepting his proposal, they kissed and hugged amid cheers from the onlookers.

While speaking about her romantic relationship with Kapale, the Zungu lover noted that the comedian is a strong, kind and prayerful man.

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She added that she is a businesswoman who is always busy, but she is glad that her fiance Kapale is always there to support her.


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