Mc Kats, Faith Ntaborwa

MC Kats’ Ex Lover Faith Ntaborwa Resurfaces In a Very Sorry State | VIDEO

Celebrated events MC Kats’s side chic Faith Ntaborwa has resurfaced but in a very dreadful health state.

In March 2020, Faith Natborwa raised dust on social media when she shared a video of herself, shortly after having a sex marathon with television star Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats.

Ntaborwa who was visibly excited about sharing a bed with MC Kats went on to film used condoms before showing off the tired and sleepy TV presenter.

Since MC Kats had initially disclosed publicly how he was HIV positive, Faith was castigated by the public for deliberately contracting the virus from an infected person.

This rendered Faith in a state of depression and embarked on using crystal meth drugs in an effort to get relief.

Faith Ntaborwa

She was admitted to rehabilitation to restore her mental state at Butabika, where she was meant to spend three months but only spent one month and was discharged.

Ever since, Faith’s whereabouts have been uncertain, until a few days back when she resurfaced but in a very worrying health state.

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According to a video accessed by Exclusive Bizz Faith can be seen interacting with one of her close friends, who criticizes her unattractive looks.

Have a look at the video below.


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  1. Kats has be to taken to courts of law he is liable for intentional infecting faith with HIV. Banange government etumbe so that he becomes an example to others he has killed many innocent souls AND he intends it

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