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Mc Kats Files Cyber Harassment and Assault Cases Against Alien Skin and His Men

Events Mc Kats has filed cyber harassment and assault cases against singer Alien Skin and his men after being dragged off the stage midway through Geosteady’s concert at Hotel Africana.

On Friday 08th September 2023 social media was sent into a frenzy when Alien Skin’s men dragged Mc Kats off the stage before Alien Skin’s performance.

According to the videos which have since gone viral on various socializing Apps, Mc Kats can be seen publicizing various forthcoming events before his announcement was cut short by one of Alien Skin’s men.

The yet-to-be-identified lad with tinted hair grabbed the mic from Kats and dragged him off the stage with seemingly an intent of preventing him from sharing a stage with the Fangone Forest boss.

Despite his efforts to hesitate from being dragged, Mc Kats was overpowered by the many men who kept him off the podium until Alien finished his performance.

The humiliation left Kats with a sour taste in his mouth and reacted by filing two cases against his offenders at Jinja Road Police Station.


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 According to the police references obtained by Kats, he accuses Alien Skin of cyber harassment and defamation, under reference SD REF: 80/08/09/2023.

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Additionally, Kats accuses Alien’s colleague Ibra and others of Assault under reference number SD REF: 79/08/09/2023.

According to reports, the development emanated from the pair’s recent fallout, which saw them exchange unpleasant remarks during a TikTok stream over Champion Ogudo’s education.


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