MC Kats

Mc Kats Ready to Retire From Emceeing in December, Reveals Next Plans

Celebrated events MC and TV presenter Edwin Katamba alias MC Kats has revealed that he is ready to resign from emceeing in December this year.

Mc Kats’s emceeing calling dates back to his schooling time in 2000, while an S.3 student at Busoga College Mwiri.

Currently, Kats holds over two decades of experience in the emceeing fraternity.  Throughout his stint as an MC, he has given rise to a number of DJs, media personalities, fellow MCs and musicians.

His emceeing mastery earned him the title of “King of the Mic”, which none of his opponents has over the years dared to dethrone.

Based on his most recent revelation, however, Kats hinted at putting down the mic and concentrating on his other ventures of talent management.

MC Kats

MC Kats made his retirement intentions known during MC Top Boy event at Catwalk Lounge dubbed Unveiling Topboy MC last night.

Kats reasoned that he stayed for so long in emceeing because he couldn’t see anybody who could fit his shoes when he had put down his working tools. Now that the industry has given birth to MCs like Topboy, Viana Indi and many others, he is confident that his legacy will be passed on to the next generations.

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He also mentioned that he would be retiring from emceeing following a two-day King of the Mic concert in December this year. As his next step after emceeing, Kats revealed that he would focus on talent management through his talent management business Kats’ music.

I am closing the franchise of King of the Mic, I am doing one last one in December for two days I am done with emceeing I am gonna be a music manager back to Kats music.

My only reason for staying long I didn’t see me in anybody. Now I see you bro, Indi I see you. Allow me retire this year with emceeing let me go back to Fille, Victor Ruz, sign as many artists as I can to my original dream of being a Puff Daddy and a Don Jazzy. This is official December I am doing two days and Am done with emceeing I am done.


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