melo price 5 track EP

Melo Price Set To Release TRUE COLORS 5-Track EP

After a stint of two years, Congolese Ugandan singer Melo Price real name Mukelo Merveille will return on June 30, 2023, with the release of a new EP titled “TRUE COLOURS.”

Melo Price is one of the new breeds of musicians looking forward to positively adding to the growing Ugandan music industry.

Prior to his musical hibernation, Melo Price had left his blockbuster ‘It’s You’ making rounds among media rotations.

However, the singer has rebranded, and his return will be marked with the release of his five-track EP consisting of songs like Diana, Pray, and Eye Contact, among others.

Following the compilation of his “TRUE COLOURS” EP, Melo Price expects to drop it thus Friday 30th June 2023 if all goes as per his schedule.

Melo Price

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What We Know About Melo Price.

Melo Price is a Congolese – Ugandan singer, songwriter and producer. With his aggressive and catchy modern R&B, Afrobeat/Afropop and Dancehall influenced melodies and a very futuristic sound, Melo Price is definitely a force to watch out for.

Real name Mukelo Merveille, was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo but only four years later his family moved to Uganda where he attended elementary, middle school and a bit of high school before moving to Scranton Pennsylvania where he graduated High School.

Melo’s love for music began at the early age of 7 and his brother as two started attending and being part of the church choir.

The love for mainstream music kicked in when Melo met a friend who had a radio around 2011 and he immediately fell in love with R&B, Pop, Hip Hop and Dancehall music.

In late 2016 he booked his first ever studio session where he and a friend recorded their first song ever, His passion for music grew higher and higher as he continued booking more studio sessions to work on more songs.

Melo Price

Shortly after he realized it could be more efficient if he invested in his own little home studio and so he did. He started downloading free beats off YouTube and creating his own tracks daily.

In 2020 Melo Price started connecting with industry personalities and music producers back home in Uganda, he went ahead and realized his singles Gadda, Memories and Previously It’s You which exploded on the scene trending at number 172 on the top 200 YouTube Music in Dar-es-salam Tanzania.

In between the releases Melo Price also released two R&B EPs A foreign popstar and Melodic Heist respectively. Melo Price continues to bless his fans with the ultimate.


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