NEWSMikey Seems 2 Funny Brags About Pocketing a Ugx 50M Endorsement Deal

Mikey Seems 2 Funny Brags About Pocketing a Ugx 50M Endorsement Deal

TikToker and content creator Mikey Seems 2 Funny real name Michael Ssebamba has bragged about bagging an endorsement deal worth Ugx 50M.

Mikey Seems 2 Funny is one of the decorated TikTokers and content creators who command over 1.3M followers and 22.8M likes on the video-sharing platform.

Since he gained prominence, he has blazed a trail in the content creation industry as he inspired a number of people to follow in his lead.

Mikey has not reaped dust from content creation, as he has won a number of awards, and bagged several endorsement deals with big companies.

In his most recent endorsement deal, Mikey revealed that it was worth Ugx 50M which has raised a few eyebrows among netizens.

He further noted that initially, he put pen to paper with Uganda Kumbucha, in a lucrative endorsement deal that sees his bank account credited with Ugx 70M on an annual basis.

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Last week I signed an endorsement with Nisa Cosmetics it was worth Ugx 50M. TikTok career I have a lot man. That goes back to what I told you how do you brand yourself. Yeah because I believe if you have Google you say who is the best TikToker in Uganda Mikey will come first.

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