Mikie Wine, Shazney Khan

Mikie Wine Sires a Kid Outside His Marriage with Wife Shazney Khan

Reports on our news desk indicate that singer Mikie Wine sired a kid outside his marriage with his wife Shazney Khan.

In December last year, Mikie Wine’s wife Shazney Khan through her Insta story threw hints that all wasn’t well in their household.

The mother of three expressed her disappointment with dating Ugandan musicians, before cautioning fellow women against taking the same direction.

As we delved deep to get an explanation behind Shazney’s message, Exclusive learned that Mikie Wine had an extramarital child.

Mikie Wine

Based on the info we have gathered, Mikie and his girlfriend only identified as Pauline Kemigisha welcomed their first child on 24th August 2018.

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As they baptized their lovely baby David Paris, the couple made a promise to keep their affair a secret.






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  1. Mikie’s Marriage with Shazney is not as old as that boy who is purportedly sired out of wedlock for their marriage just started last year when he visited her home so that means that he sired the child not within the marriage so why is this article attacking the guy now yet shit happened long time ago? Where’s the credibility in this?

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