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Ministry Of Internal Affairs Spokesperson Opens Up On Why Winnie Nwagi Was Bounced

Social media was on Wednesday swept off its feet after a video portraying Winnie Nwagi being bounced from internal affairs emerged.

In the video which is still making rounds on social media, Nwagi could clearly be seen rubbed the wrong way moments after being blocked from accessing the internal affairs offices.

Clad in a skimpy attire that portrayed her well-endowed flesh, critics speculated that this could be one of the reasons why guards urged the singer to trace the premises exit.

In an interview with Sanyuka Tv, Simon Peter Mundeyi the Ministry of Internal Affairs spokesperson confirmed the allegations.


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Mr Mundeyi revealed that Nwagi showed up at the Internal Affairs premises in a dress code that was deemed indecent.

He further revealed that the Ministry implemented a strict dress policy to make sure everyone comfortably seeks help without being inconvenienced.

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Furthermore, the spokesperson maintained that Winnie Nwagi’s reaction to the guard’s decision was not pleasant, but they had to implement the directives.


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