Alien Skin, Nkwacho press conference

Mixed Reactions As Alien Skin Graces Nkwacho Festival Press Conference In a Helicopter | VIDEO

Renowned Fangone Forest singer Alien Skin real name Patrick Mulwana earlier today stirred up a mixed reaction among his fans as he arrived at his press conference in a helicopter.

His press conference marked the beginning of his highly anticipated “Nkwacho” festival, scheduled to take place on December 31, 2023.

The helicopter descended gracefully onto the lush green field of Wankulukuku stadium, its blades slicing through the air with a powerful hum.

Dressed in the Buganda attire “Kanzu”, Alien Skin emerged from the helicopter with his entourage encompassing Champion Ogudo and his security team among others.

Upon catching sight of the helicopter, the crowd burst into an uproar of cheers and applause, and their enthusiasm was tangible in the atmosphere.

Alien Skin

Fans, and the press team armed with cameras and microphones, jostled for positions, eager to capture every moment of this historic occasion.

Alien’s unconventional choice of transportation has left folks with mixed opinions, as some were captivated by the singer’s unique style and daring approach, applauding his creativity and showmanship. Others, however, expressed scepticism, questioning the practicality and necessity of such a grand entrance.

Have a look at the video below;


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