Omega 256, Ray G

Mixed reactions as Omega 256 sets a concert on the same date as Ray G

The decision of singers Ray G and Omega 256 to hold concerts on the same dates has sparked mixed reactions among the public.

Ray G’s concert has been a topic of discussion in recent days due to issues with the event promoter Nobat Events.

However, the concert has faced yet another obstacle as it now competes with Omega’s concert.

Omega has chosen to host her concert in Ishaka, Western Uganda, aiming to captivate music enthusiasts in that region.

Omega 256

Nevertheless, Omega 256’s decision has received criticism from netizens who believe she should have shown support for Ray G by attending his concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval, considering he was one of the individuals who supported her music career.

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On the other hand, some support Omega 256, asserting that she has the right to pursue her career and schedule her concerts on any dates that suit her ambitions.


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