Iuea cultural gala 2024

Moments From the International University Of East Africa; IUEA 2024 Cultural Gala

The annual IUEA 2024 Cultural Gala was held yesterday at the institution’s gardens, showcasing the vibrant diversity and unity among students.

This remarkable IUEA 2024 Cultural Gala, themed “Different but the Same,” aimed to celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures present at IUEA.

With over 13 nationalities represented, attendees were treated to mesmerizing performances of traditional dances, anthems, and vibrant displays of cultural wear.

Additionally, guests had the opportunity to embark on a gastronomic journey through global cuisines, indulging in culinary delights from different countries.

Iuea cultural gala 2024

The IUEA 2024 Cultural Gala not only entertained but also fostered curiosity and respect for the diverse cultures within the university community.

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A panel of judges presided over various categories, including recognizing the best culinary delight and celebrating the seamless integration of national anthems in performances.

IUEA’s dedication to fostering cultural diversity, inclusivity, and mutual respect on campus is highlighted through the Cultural Gala, showcasing the university’s commitment to providing a welcoming environment for students of all backgrounds to flourish and honour their cultural traditions.

At the conclusion of the gala, the winning group received a prestigious award in recognition of their achievements.


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