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Mr. Henrie Apologizes To Whoever Was Offended By His Remarks Toward Women Who Bleach

Galaxy Fm presenter Mr. Henrie has apologised to whoever was offended by his most recent remarks toward women who bleach.

Over the weekend, while rendering his services as an MC at the just concluded Rolex Festival at Lugogo Cricket Oval, Mr. Henrie made some remarks supposedly directed toward his ex-lover Prima Kardashi.

Henrie’s divulgence left a sour taste in Prima’s mouth, who took to her Facebook account and clapped back.

In her statement, Prima revealed that she doesn’t always tolerate stupid people, but when she does, she is probably at work.

Prima Kadarshi

This compelled Mr. Henrie to shed more light on his recent statement, to avoid being misquoted by the public.

While appearing in Galaxy Fm studios on Monday, Henrie urged folks not to be misled by the misinterpretation of the circulating video.

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He added that his words were not in any way directed to anyone in Particular and neither did they refer to his relationship with Prima as critics suggest.

Don’t be misled by the Misinterpretation of the Circulating “shot Clip” The Discussion Was actually longer.

Those That attended The RolexFestival22 Know the Truth.

My words were not in any way directed to anyone in Particular and neither did they refer to my relationship as most are suggesting.

No offence and I hope Non taken.
Mr. Henrie


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