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Mr. Lee B2C Questions Bebe Cool’s Audacity to Rank Musicians Yet He Is the Worst Performer

B2C Entertainment singer Mr. Lee has voiced his disagreement with Bebe Cool’s decision to create annual lists ranking musicians.

This disagreement arises from Bebe Cool’s recently released list, known as the “Bebe Cool list,” where he ranks the best and worst music performers of the year.

Well, it looks like several musicians were not impressed by Bebe Cool’s list, including Mr. Lee, who have expressed their dissatisfaction on social media.

Mr. Lee, using his X handle, pointed out that Bebe Cool’s only remaining song seems to be his “Bebe-cool list,” which he only releases at the end of the year.

Mr. Lee

He also finds it amusing that the worst performer in the industry is the one rating the best performers.

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“Wama Uncle since you are still in the game as an active musician gwe wakoze otya 2023?” Cheekily, Mugisha Richar alias Mr. Lee asked,


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