Muchachos Has Issued a Statement on Why Spyro Failed to Perform at the Afro Dj Fest

Events Production company Muchachos have issued a press statement addressing Nigerian singer Spyro real name Oludipe Oluwasanmi David’s absence at the just concluded Afro Dj Fest.

On 28th April 2023, the long-awaited Afro Fest was held at Kati Kati grounds in Kampala featuring a number of local and global stars.

Dj Neptune, Dj Consequence, Dj Dimple, Paco Lee, Winnie Nwagi, DJ Slick Stuart and Roja among others thrilled revellers at the concluded event.

However, the “Who is Your Guy” crooner Spyro was nowhere to be seen at the event, which left a section of partiers feeling duped out of their money.

Dj Dimple
Nigeria’s Dj Dimple Performing at the Afro Dj Fest (Photo: Afro Dj Fest)

In a press statement issued by Muchacos, they attributed Spyro’s absence to the singer being hit by unavoidable personal circumstances, which prevented him from attending the event & he sent his utmost apologies.

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Here is the detailed press statement.

Muchachos would like to extend our deepest apologies for the unexpected absence of Spyro during the Afro DJ Festival last night at Kati Kati Grounds. It was a huge inconvenience and disappointment to all who attended the event, and we understand the frustration and disappointment that this must have caused.

We understand and acknowledge that the absence of Spyro left many of you upset and ruined your experience of what was supposed to be an unforgettable night. Please be assured that this was not something that we had anticipated, nor was it under our control. Spyro has had to deal with unavoidable personal circumstances, which prevented him from attending the event & he sends his utmost apologies.

We fully understand the faith, trust, and confidence you placed in us through our services and assure you that we will take extra precautions, measures, and steps to avoid any such incidents in the future, and ensure that this never happens again.

We appreciate your understanding, and we hope to see you all at our future events.



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