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Mudra D Viral and Ava Peace’s Lovey-Dovey Video in the Kitchen Cements Dating Rumors | VIDEO

Video of singers Mudra D Viral and Ava Peace intimately sharing a moment at their home has reignited dating speculations.

For a while now, Mudra and Ava Peace have been rumoured dating. However, the two have distanced themselves from the allegations, maintaining that their connection is music-affiliated and nothing beyond that.

Based on the most recent development, however, we are a step closer to cementing that the Shabada singers are an item.

In the course of this week, Mudra D Viral hijacked Ava Peace’s TikTok livestream, as she was mingling posho in the kitchen.

Mudra, who was unaware that the phone was live-recording, fondly held Ava Peace from the back in the waist, seemingly inquiring about something.

Mudra, Ava Peace
Mudra D Viral and Ava Peace


Ava Peace notified him that she was live streaming, and upon seeing the camera, Mudra was quick to hide his face, but there was nothing to save anymore as the video had already made it to the video-sharing platform.

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The video, has since set netizens tongues wagging, with many drawing conclusions that the two singers are dating, but prefer to keep their affair off the public domain.

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