Mudra, Alien Skin

Mudra Explains Why He Wouldn’t Collaborate With Alien Skin on a Song

Singer and songwriter Mudra has explained why he wouldn’t accept a joint music project with fellow singer Alien Skin.

Mudra D Viral born Sebunya Alfa is one of the musicians that gave Alien Skin a platform to showcase his talent and creativity.

During an interview with Galaxy Tv, Mudra revealed that he is grateful that Alien Skin managed to turn out a national treasure.

However, despite Alien Skin being one of the top-ranked musicians, Mudra noted that he wouldn’t fancy a musical collaboration with him.

Mudra argued that Alien Skin continuously releases music, eliminating any opportunity for his previously released songs to have an impact on his fan base.


He added that in contrast to Alien Skin, he prefers to give his music some space so that it leaves no stone unturned amongst his fans as well as transcends national boundaries.

It is for the aforementioned grounds that Mudra maintained that he wouldn’t collaborate on a musical on a joint musical project with Alien Skin.


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