Mudra D Viral

Mudra Halts Performances During Sacred Ramadan Month; Hints at Proper Practices For Spiritual Growth

Mudra D Viral educates Muslim believers on the dos and don’ts during the sacred month of Ramadan. On the evening of March 10, 2024, Muslims worldwide began their annual holy month of Ramadan.

During this time, Muslim believers fast in order to rejuvenate their faith and draw closer to Allah.

It is expected that Muslims engage in acts of kindness towards those around them, and in an exclusive interview, singer Mudra D Viral emphasized the importance of adhering to every aspect of the Muslim guidelines.

Despite facing various health complications, the singer expressed gratitude that Allah allows them to complete the fasting period.

He acknowledged that the first week of Ramadan can be challenging, but he is prepared to fulfil his obligations.

Mudra and Ava Peace

Mudra further emphasized that as Muslim believers, they must abstain from certain things, including consuming food, engaging in any haram activities that would defile their spirit, performing all the Muslim prayers (Swala), participating in gossip, using vulgar language, lying, unnecessary swearing, and refraining from engaging in romantic relationships with individuals outside their officiated marriages.

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He also made it clear that during this holy month, he refrained from performing at any events to avoid any disruptions during the fasting period.


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