Yiga Joel,

Multiple Artists Accuse Zaha Totto’s Ex-Boyfriend Yiga Joel MP Rubaga South Of Fraud

It seems that media personality Zahara Totto’s ex-boyfriend Yiga Joel MP Rubaga South’s reputation in the entertainment industry is now tarnished, with multiple artists accusing him of fraudulent behaviour.

Yesterday, up-and-coming rapper Felista Di Superstar publicly voiced her disappointment with Yiga Joel, who was responsible for organizing her “Felista Fest” concert, accusing him of disappearing with approximately Ugx 50M of her money.

Reports indicate that Yiga Joel MP Rubaga South received the funds from the concert sponsor, only to invest the money in his personal projects, resulting in the cancellation of the concert.

In addition to Felistar’s claims, singer Grace Khan has come forward with her own story of Joel deceiving her and taking her money by pretending to be her manager.

Many are calling for him to be held accountable for his actions and for the money to be returned to the artists who trusted him with their funds.

Yiga Joel,

However, it is clear that his actions have caused a ripple effect in the industry, with artists now wary of working with him in the future.

As the allegations of fraud continue to mount, it remains to be seen how Yiga Joel will respond and whether he will face any legal consequences for his actions.

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In the meantime, artists like Felista Di Superstar, Don Zella, and Grace Khan are left to deal with the aftermath of trusting someone who has allegedly betrayed their trust.


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