King Saha, Sheebah, Ebiseera Ebyo COncert

Musicians Adore King Saha On and Off Stage At The “Ebiseera Ebyo” Concert.

Ugandan musicians demonstrate their support and love for King Saha both on and off the stage at the Ebiseera concert just concluded.

The unity within the Ugandan music industry is becoming more evident as artists come together to work on various projects. At the sold-out concert, many top artists were present, not only as performers but also as enthusiastic audience members.

Before the show, singer-turned-politician Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine, announced on his Facebook page that he would be cutting his trip short to attend King Saha’s concert.

True to his word, Bobi Wine reserved a table at the event, accompanied by his colleagues Nubian Li, Eddie Mutwe, Hon, Zaake, and other members of the National Unity Platform.

Throughout the show, Bobi Wine was acknowledged by every artist who took the stage, except Jose Chameleone. All performers made sure to recognize Bobi Wine’s presence, showing their appreciation for him.

The lineup of artists who performed for King Saha included Fik Fameica, Lydia Jasmine, Gravity Omutujju, Carol Nantongo, Sheebah, Karole Kasita, and Mickie Wine, among others. In the audience, notable artists such as Rema Namakula, Eddy Kenzo, and Chozen Blood were spotted.

King Saha, Sheebah, Ebiseera Ebyo COncert

The Ebiseera Ebyo show was truly remarkable, leaving a long-lasting impression on attendees. King Saha collaborated with Fenon Events, one of Uganda’s top event production companies, for the first time.

Fenon Events constructed a well-designed stage with impressive screens, and they ensured the event had excellent sound and lighting.

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King Saha’s performance was energetic and vibrant, showcasing his exceptional vocal abilities. The show commenced at approximately 6:30 PM and concluded at 1:30 AM, with King Saha promising a larger venue for future events, as he realized Africana was too small to accommodate his growing fan base.


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