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Mutima Says Spice Diana Tainted His Brand When She Used a Wrong Platform To Address Her Grievances

Events promoter Robert Jackson Nkuke alias Mutima has blamed singer Spice Diana for using the wrong platform to address her grievances.

Last week, Source management singer Spice Diana bagged a couple of news headlines, following her rants over Mutima’s failure to clear her balance on time.

The saga that emanated from Masaka Street Jam, saw Mutima reach out to Spice and apologised on camera for not honouring their work agreement.

While speaking in an interview, Mutima revealed that what Spice did was not good as she tainted the brand he has built for years.


The renowned promoter stressed that Spice would have refrained from performing, upon realising that her balance was not available rather than stepping on stage and dragging his brand through the gutters.

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Mutima further revealed that at the time Spice Diana stepped on stage, he had gone to collect the artists’ balance.

To his surprise, he was rung by one of his crew members who notified him that Spice was talking “rubbish” on stage.

The Mutima entertainment chief maintained that he made amends with Spice Diana because he doesn’t want to hold grudges with anyone.


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