Jose Chameleone, Eunice Brenda Ryabureire.

“My Child Can’t Be Fathered By Alcoholics And Drug Addicts” Eunice Brenda on Chameleone Fathering Her Child

Earlier today singer Dr. Jose Chameleone cleared the air about the swirling rumours suggesting that he sired a child with Denmark-based media personality and socialite Eunice Brenda Ryabureire.

The rumours started making rounds almost a week back when Eunice took to her socials and shared a photo as Jose Chameleone shared a light moment with her and her eight-year-old daughter.

“I respect my circle. Chiller and strictly exclusive life.” Eunice captioned the two photos on her personal Facebook account, little did she know that it would be the genesis of false allegations surrounding the paternity of her daughter.

A few days later, keyboard warriors came up with stories, alleging that Jose Chameleone’s past romantic relationship with Eunice resulted in the birth of the kid in the photo.

Having crossed paths with the hearsay, Jose Chameleone was quick to water it down through his socials revealing that the allegations are baseless and untrue.

Jose Chameleone went on to attribute his reason for evaluating the pictures he takes nowadays to the aforementioned allegations.

He added that Euice is married with a husband and the daughter in the pictures in circulation is theirs. The Leone Island singer reasoned that he initially didn’t comment about the development in respect of the beautiful little girl involved.

That lady and her husband are my close friends and that’s their daughter. I feel so bad for that little girl involved. Such an innocent soul.

In the same vein, Eunice had also initially dispelled the rumours warning whoever was posting her 8-year-old child claiming to be her father to immediately stop.

Eunice Brenda Ryabureire.

She went on and vowed to reveal how she conceived her, before making it clear that her child can never be fathered by alcoholics and drug addicts.

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Warning Notice;
Am warning whoever is posting my 8-year-old child claiming to be her father.
This nonsense should stop today!
I will come back to tell you how I conceived her.
Aka my child can never be fathered by alcoholics and drug addicts


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