Judith Heard

“My Uncle Raped Me in Primary 6” – Judith Heard Reveals

Ugandan fashion model and event host Judith Allen Heard reveals that she was raped by one of her uncles during her childhood stages.

Judith Heard recently opened up in a candid interview with Sanyuka TV, discussing a range of subjects including her upbringing and family.

It is here that the socialite revealed how her uncle, who had visited her home took advantage of her for his sexual pleasure.

Judith noted that the tragic moment happened ahead of her primary six final exams, as she was doing her revision in her bed. She later dozed off, only to wake up hearing someone touching her inappropriately and raping her.

Traumatised by the development, Judith Heard composed a note notifying her then-guardian about her decision to leave home which she slipped under the door and never mentioned what had happened to her.

Judith Heard

She embarked on staying with her female colleagues in the neighbourhood and made a pledge not to go back to the house where she was raped from.

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She later embraced the ghetto life, where she started sleeping under parked trucks on the streets. Fast forward, she later reunited with her mother whom she had spent years without seeing.




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